About me

I´m @NoamMorrissey UX defender & guardian of the Groove.

I´m @NoamMorrissey UX defender & guardian of the Groove.

I’m Alfonso from sunny Madrid and my passion is “Good Design”. I’m currently a freelance UX designer, but in previous lives, I’ve led UX design at Spanish media companies and social networks, launched my own company:UX For Your Project and freelanced incessantly.

In all of my work, I’ve tried to build clear, usable, accessible designs always with passion, honesty and respect. I believe in promoting Good Design, so I teach at UX schools in Madrid, speak at UX conferences in Spain, write about design at alfonsomorcuende.com, interview Spanish UX talent at UXmad.es, and created Sazerac.es, a methodology to realize usable, clear and accessible Web projects.

I’m also passionate about New Orleans. The honesty, respect, tradition and originality of the city’s music, culture, food and people, inspire me in my design philosophy and my life. Just call me a Passionate Defender of UX and a Guardian of the Groove.

Oh, and if you want to have a laugh at my expense, here is the anterior version of alfonsomorcuende.com